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  Vision / Mission

Delivering the Future
At EML, globalization is not just a fashionable world; it’s an idea whose time has come. Outsourcing is here to stay. Companies want to spend their time doing what they’re good at: making products. In today’s hotly contested business environment, your company needs every advantage it can get. Look around modern Asia, access to information spells the difference in speeding goods to the markets of the future.

Does supply chain management really improve efficiency, reduce waste and save money? Of course it does. Then why have you waited so long to try? After years of talk and promise, logistic infrastructure and software systems are now available in Asia. Of course, there are not one-size-fits-all solutions. But, the new world economic environment demands that you find new ways to cut costs and deliver on time.

Perhaps, you have to revise your understanding of what the concept of time equals money means in today’s world? What we must all come to grips with is that supply chain management works and stronger supply chain management systems work even better.
To remain competitive we must investigate the vast array of tools available to help you deliver the goods easier, faster and cheaper. See how you stack up on this simple checklist.

Delivering on promises – and looking to the future
EML is looks to its future with optimism and also with fortitude. It sees unbridled opportunities in the global shipping industry. But it approaches each opportunity with caution and a strong recollection of past experience. This attitude helps EML face the future confidence.

With more new vessels with larger capacity coming on stream, the fleet is expanding to meet what EML believes will be a sustained need for efficient containerized shipping as the new century progresses. With the sophisticated application of the new technologies, the earth has become a smaller, faster-moving place in which to live. PIL has embraced the belief in one global economy, a trading system without borders or trade barriers. As a container shipping company it believes it can continue to contribute to an industry which is needed by everyone.

Choosing a Logistics Provider
Assess your current operations. Does your company have a clear picture of where it’s going? Where do you want it to be in five years? Try using a flow chart to plot your company’s logistics process.

Asset based or non-asset based? Asset based providers own their equipment such as trucks and warehouses. Non-asset based providers don’t own a major portion of the equipment used, but contract it to providers can be facilitators or brokers. They are selling knowledge and experience in developing logistics systems.

What about the bevy of other logistics services available: Single Source Providers, Integrated Logistics Providers, and those Serving specialized industries? Don’t know all the answers? We at EML can help you through the maze to under stand what services are best for your company.

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