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  Handling of Reefer Cargo
Currently PIL has Reefer =    9,458 TEUs
PIL Reefer Story

Red Guideline
Never load cargo above the guideline to prevent air flow blockage

Drain hole to release water residue
Always keep the drain hole clean to allow water residue to flow out from the reefer.

Ventilation setting is an important asset for chilled shipments (esp fruits & veg) as it allows fresh air exchange

Baffle Plate - to provide as guide for air flow through the T-flooring.

PIL AFAM+ Reefers

  • Controlled fresh air exchange
  • Up to 50% faster temperature pull down
  • Programmable delayed vent opening.
  • Longer product shelf life.
  • Less cargo weight loss

AFAM+ (Advanced Fresh Air Management)

  • Injurious levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide due to respiration of perishable product, may develop in the container.
  • Managing these gases is considered essential to delivering quality product will deliver more consistent product quality, longer shelf-life.

PIL Cold Chain Management
From numerous trial that PIL has conducted, 85% of cargo problems were found land-based.
Reefer machinery are designed to maintain cargo carrying temperature during transportation. Hence it is important to keep the cold chain flow throughout the whole journey. Proper pre-cooling & maintaining cold chain practice will help to prolong the holding shelf-life of the produces.

PIL Commitment
Temperature sensitive cargo requires the care of a shipping company that knows and understands reefer shipping, one that offers a personalized, flexible service and is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of its customers.

Hence we strive for improvement & provide an innovative through-transport solutions. We are committed to work closely with our customers (both exporters & receivers) to improve these cold chain handling.

All our reefer containers have bottom-air delivery. This means that the cold air is supplied from the bottom of the container through the specially designed T-bar floor.

Please read the usage explanation guide to provide a guide for air flow circulation.

Any air flow obstacle could result in a severe damage and heat exposure.


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